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Apex 5.1 - stickyWidget issue "redoTop"

There is a issue with stickyWidget in 5.1 when you application doesn't have Navigation menu or tree (element by id t_TreeNav) . the cause of error is in theme42.min.js file where is method call method redoTop  is available in apex 5.0 but in the 5.1 this method is called  reStick , now to fix this I recommend that you create DA on page load on your page with javascript code $.apex.stickyWidget.prototype.redoTop = $.apex.stickyWidget.prototype.reStick or before you execute initialize your stickyWidget                  $.apex.stickyWidget.prototype.redoTop = $.apex.stickyWidget.prototype.reStick $("#rgnActions").stickyWidget({toggleWidth:true});                                              this will create a synonym function for redoTop

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