Aspose Cell vs Apache POI

Few months ago, we need to created java aplication that can read, parse, write and evaluate excel, xls files. For start we used APACHE POI. I successfully created classes that can read color of cell, font, cell code, cell type,borders of the cell, formulas and etc.. Writing values was not the problem..
The trouble started when we wanted to evaluate formula. :]

// list of functions that POI can evaluateCollection<String> supportedFuncs = WorkbookEvaluator.getSupportedFunctionNames();// list of functions that are not supported by POICollection<String> unsupportedFuncs = WorkbookEvaluator.getNotSupportedFunctionNames();

POI had a rather big list of not implemented formula, and that was the problem.. We had to evaluate MMULT, TRANSPOSE, SUMIF.

So I try google it has anybody had the same problem as me. I found this article were is mentions ASPOSE Cell.

Now this library  had the formula I needed, but it cost..
Here you can find list of supported formulas:

So basically if you need to create reports that need to be in excel with simple formula functions. Then APACHE POI is enough, But if you want to create excel engine, that can evolve more complexed formulas, then my recommendation is ASPOSE CELL.


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